Wham, Bam, Thank you Yam.

Just in case you were like “how is this person still blogging about freaking soup?”, I decided to include a super-quick bonus recipe. This is my quickest go-to lunch recipe. Great for when you are hungover stayed up late studying and forgot to plan ahead.

It’s a recipe for yams. If you are feeling zany, mix it up and use any root veg you’d like to.


“Who Ate All The Leftovers, It’s 7 am and I Need to Leave for the Bus in 20 mn” Yam Ginger Soup

1 can of coconut milk

1 medium sized yam (1-1 ½ cups grated)

1-2 Tbsp fresh ginger, grated

Sprinkle of turmeric, or other spices of your choice

Salt to taste

1) Put the kettle on for coffee, it’s early, c’mon.

2) Put can of coconut milk on medium-high heat.

3) Grate yam and ginger. Place in coconut milk that has been warming up whilst you grate.

4) Put the lid on, a little off kilter so some steam can escape, and let it simmer over medium heat until everything is tender and falling apart. Approximately the length of time it takes to shower (15-20 mn). If you are really feeling ambitious, this is where you can also knock out some quick exercises- a good morning flail-about to get the blood pumping.

5) Take the whole lot, puree it. Add water as needed. Throw it in a thermos, or in a nice glass container with a well sealed lid to heat it up in later.

6) Congratulate yourself on getting calories and starch and vitamins and healthy fats in such a short time period, and not spending more money at that weird cafeteria on campus.