Hi, my name is Jenny, and I am a young twenty-something Canadian university student. I proudly hail from two corners of Canada- the wet west coast of Vancouver Island in the gorgeous Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, and the busy streets that may be snow covered or humid in Montreal, Quebec. I was raised in the Cowichan Valley, where my family still resides, and head back for as many breaks and summers as possible. My childhood was filled with homemade food, learning how to cook, climbing trees, “fossil hunting” aka rock collecting, creek exploring, relaxing on Hornby Island, animal befriending, horseback riding, mountain biking, trips to vineyards/breweries, and a powerful addiction to reading and writing. Teenagerhood was pretty similar, just add in the freedom of a drivers license, hiking, a great group of girlfriends who did everything together, a keeper boyfriend and the experience of having some food-related jobs.  I completed my first two years of uni at the University of Victoria where I tried my hand at microbiology. Despite my love of studying infectious disease, I was driven to look for a program that allows food to be an integral part of my future career. Enter dietetics.

I will always enjoy my hometown hills and mountains.

After a whirlwind of applications and decisions, my boyfriend and I packed up a teal minivan with our wordily possessions, camping gear, and two pet rats and headed out across Canada to attend McGill University. From a basement suite in Cadboro bay Victoria all the way to a 14th floor apartment building downtown Montreal, it was a big and exciting move. I am now studying dietetics at MacDonald campus, where I have many years and many more podcast-filled shuttle rides to go.

This is a space for my thoughts- it just so happens that a pretty good portion of my time is spent thinking about food! I have a pretty strong whole food philosophy that focuses on the things that aren’t always in the recipe, like how to shop, prepare, and store ingredients in an effective manner that means you end up actually using them. I enjoy reading and learning about traditional preparations of food from all around the world. Food is for my health and my happiness! I like to think that food culture can start in any kitchen anywhere and spread like a (wonderful) plague. I want  everyone to enter a kitchen without feeling overwhelmed or scared. Hopefully this blog will help demystify some food preparation for you, with a pinch of science, a smidge of history, and a dash of reassurance. Before it gets too corny with cooking references, I bid you a welcome to my blog and hope to see you around here some more!

I’ve always wanted to make at least one wave.

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