Starting the Summer

I’m done all my exams, and have now officially completed 4 years total of university. Does that mean I am graduated? Hah! Uh, no, not quite. I’ve got a few more victory laps to complete. It’s been a pretty sweet time though, I’ve had some courses more specific to my program that are giving me a glimpse into what’s coming. I’m also enjoying how my years of reading cook books, food blogs, and food mags has turned into relatively easy marks in food prep courses. Who knew that hobbies can turn into grade points and be enjoyable.


So, Fred the cat and I have been chilling and game-planning our summer. On the menu are some French evening courses, an internship in July, and a flight back to BC for a yet-to-be-determined portion of August. A deck garden is in the works, with basil gasping up water on the windowsill while it waits to be transported to a proper pot. We’ve been waking up early to walk around the park like your perfectly-normal-average 20-something. I’ve been synthesizing as much vitamin D as my euro-skin will allow without burning. I’ve yet to find a solution to swollen feet that accompany this unfamiliar humid heat, so if anyone has any tips on that, that’s a thing. We’ve been frequenting the parks and wishing there was a lake that was swim-able nearby.

But mostly we’ve just been killing time until the next season of Arrested Development comes out. So stay tuned for some weather-appropriate recipes, as well as some allergy-friendly creations, and don’t report us missing on May 26th.


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