A great, big turkey thanks.

Once again, this Thanksgiving we headed off to Ottawa. If you do it twice in a row, does that make it a tradition? Who knows, but it was really awesome. The colours were beautiful. I got to see my friends and take over a coffee shop dance floor. Running in the rain went down, as did a few episodes of “Girls”. We also saw Seb’s family friends, got our semi-annual turkey dose, and I got to stock up on a few books for the upcoming months.

Lovely leaves.

Lately, everything has been pretty ideal. I’ve been running in the morning and doing yoga in the evening.  I’ve been reading novels and meditating for realzies. I’ve been cooking a lot of good, autumn appropriate meals (I’m lookin’ at you, slow cooker). We haven’t gone out for dinner in Montreal in ages. However, all this “la-la-la things are so awesome, why am I part time again? I need to do more things!” has been kicked to the curb this week. The pain wave has hit the shore, as they say. When a walk that normally takes you 15 mn suddenly takes you 45 mn, you get pretty humbled. Perspective can start to change it’s pace. It’s just been a reminder that this is why I’m part time- because sometimes I can’t do all the things, and when I can’t I need some room to scramble back into place.

So, this year I’m thankful for some foresight. For getting it into my brain that things will blow up if you mix health in with your other priorities. For all the people who helped make that happen. For all the fun, nasty, trippy complexities that life comes with. And for the smell that comes from roasting a great, big turkey.