The Next Chapter

No, not “The Next Chapter” the CBC show hosted by Shelagh Rogers, but “The Next Chapter” as in my blog is moving on and up! I’ve been hoping to move over to wordpress from blogspot to the while, and all it took was a weekend, a bottle of wine, and a few cups of coffee to get everything sorted out.

The old of yesteryear leads to today’s new opportunity.

In this new format, it’s going to be waaaay easier to find recipes from the archives. Click on “Food” and you’ll find my recipe index with handy links. The “Taste” section is going to be for non-recipe posts on anything- opinions, articles, books, podcasts etc. The “Technique” section will be for the stuff outside the recipes- planning, shopping, prepping, store, and using stuff up.

I look forward to doing more posts soon! Hope everyone is enjoying the last stretch of summer before fall starts to kick in.