Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

This year was my first thanksgiving away from home, so I compensated by having two full thanksgiving feasts this year, both in Ottawa! One was with Sebastien’s family friends, who had a large dinner that doubled as a 60th wedding anniversary party for the grandparents. We had a lovely time and ate incredible amounts of stuffing, yams, turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, and dessert, which included chocolate mocha cake, pumpkin cheese cake, nutella cookies (provided by me!), and pumpkin pie.

The second meal was with two of my closest girlfriends from high school. It was an intimate affair, with a chicken instead of a turkey. Not only was it a chicken, we cooked it on a beer can, which made it very moist and appropriately college-y. We had beer in wine glasses, took a nail painting break, and became too full to eat dessert. It was all very lovely!

I hope wherever you are, you gave thanks this year and celebrated the wonderful holiday that is accessible from every religion (or lack there of), and all about enjoying food and company in tandem. What is better than that, after all? Love sent out to my family on the west coast, very thankful to have all you guys even though I didn’t get to see you for this years holiday!


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